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0 comments | Monday, March 19, 2007

Why do Pinoys love to sing? Is it because we have so much problems around us and the way to escape from them is to sing? Or are we just so gifted by nature that we always outshine other nationalities in international competitions? Go anywhere in the Philippines and you'll never miss to hear a blaring karaoke in a corner, be it in a humble sari-sari store or in exquisite bar -- we just love it.

We sing because, I think it is who we are. It is our culture to hum, or sing, or mumble few words even if we know or acknowledge that there are times music doesn't like us. Who cares? We have the passion for music. We love to sing.

We want to watch singing competitions on TV. We want our children to join every inter-barangay amateur singing contest as soon as they can memorize the lyrics. We sing however and anywhere we want: in the office; the bathroom; as we walk along corridors; in front of the mirror; the ship or airplane; inside the coffee shop while having cappuccino; in the comfort of our rooms, cars, toilets; in the kitchen as we cook; in the living room as we sweep the floor, wipe the table, read magazines; in a bus, jeepney, kalesa; on motorcycles and carabaos; along busy sidewalks on our lazy walks; in the plaza with our lovey-dovey sweetie-pie; inside elevators, restaurants, bars, hotels, public toilets; in bed while having sex; on swings and rocking chairs, on top of the hill and the bottom of the sea; in our backyard while pulling the weeds or planting crops. If given the chance to go to space or to other planets in our solar system, we will still be singing there. That's how strong our allegiance to music proves to be.

Too sad though that only few have made it to Hollywood and international stardom.

Anyway, I saw these videos of Regine Velasquez and Sarah Geronimo with their own rendition of the song "Light Of A Million Mornings". Galing talaga ng Pinoy!

Regine with "Light Of A Million Mornings"

Sarah Geronimo with "Light Of A Million Mornings"



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