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0 comments | Sunday, March 04, 2007

Suddenly I saw hills in Brookings.

A day after the two-day snow storm, there was sunshine over Brookings, South Dakota. What a wonderful day to see piles of snow radiating as the rays hit the slope at zenith. It was still cold, around negative six. But the sun was enough to make me smile, as the evergreens swayed their snow-covered branches to reach out for the beams. [photos after the jump]

I went out to see people with their cars stuck in the snow. Snow mobiles (I do not know the name, a vehicle that scrapes and hauls the snow from the highways and sidewalks), quite a number of them, were going back and forth to ensure pathways and roads were safe for pedestrians and drivers.
Going out of my building, I saw these - bicycles buried in thick snow. I wonder if these are stainless ones that could survive a condition like this, especially if the snow begins to melt.
I went for a hundred meter circle walk and the scenes were just amazing. There were kids playing with snow balls. Adults were shoveling snow accumulated on their front doors. I specifically loved the roofs all white.

But this photo is gorgeous.

I took a photo near the police station. I was the only one outside and for sure the police officers were peeping through their windows and wondering what the hell I was doing.

This is a photo of the restaurant near my place.

The gasoline station and a heap of snow. I could even ski on this little hill here.

What about this? This is a spot light outside Taco John's that was left lighted the night before. The result: a nice-looking hole.

I ended up eating at Taco John's after my short trip. I ordered a different menu. This time I tried their burritos. It was much better than the previous one I had. After a few minutes I saw a colleague, Vincent, from Kenya.

I went home with a soda in my hand and a batch of photos to post for this blog :-)



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