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0 comments | Wednesday, March 07, 2007

If you have read my post prior to this, I wrote about the new laptop I bought with my Google Adsense earnings. I hated my old laptop, there were keys and symbols that I didn't even understand. I bought it in the Netherlands (in a rush, as the owner had to leave the next day) when I studied for my Masters degree and since it was a second-hand laptop, I content myself of its occasional crashes. To tell you the truth, it came to a point that I wanted to throw it outside the window from the 11th floor of the flat where I stayed in. It never happened though. My conscience prevented me. It was most likely that I'd hit a duck or a peacock on a farm below my floor had I done it.

For years, and for financial limitations, I stuck myself with my old-looking, slow-speed laptop. That was when I was in the Europe.

With what I am earning right now here in the US, and if I so desire, I could buy a laptop from my own pocket (maybe a month or two of saving). But if there is a way to buy it without spending a dime from my hard-earned mollah, why not take it?

Thanks to Adsense. Thanks to blogging.

The adsense earnings I got was more than the cost of the laptop. Thus, I thought of buying another useful stuff. The object of my fancy? The Motorola Razor phone.

Since I arrived in the US, I didn't have a cellphone. Well, actually I do have. I brought with me my Nokia 6131 from the Philippines thinking that I could use it here upon purchasing a simcard. No, I didn't have it internationally roamed as I don't know when I will be back in Pinas. Unfortunately, prepaid phones are not the "in" thing in the States. I am quite sure 99% of Americans enroll into a mobile plan - there are a lot of choices offered from a number of service providers. Even high school students are using plans. I also found out that they don't text or use SMS so much, unlike in the Philippines that we 'pindot' our keypads and send text messages even when crossing a busy street. No wonder our country holds the record of being the "text capital of the world", with hundreds of thousands of text messages sent in a day.

The Nokia phone I brought with me rendered useless in the end. I couldn't find a simcard to make it work. The next option is to get a plan and buy a new unit.

Yesterday, I did that. I've gotten myself a Motorola Razor. I know it is an old model, but it still does look sleek and chic, doesn't it?
What do you think about that? Two new gadgets in a row. Sometimes I think I am just so blessed.

With these things I have now, who doesn't want blogging? I am waiting for another pay from another ad source. Now, this is getting interesting, isn't it?



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