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0 comments | Monday, March 12, 2007

Today, I met the guy who's in-charge of getting my room internet connection activated. It took him just few seconds to click this and that, input my room number and few details (for tracking purposes I believe...no, I won't be watching cheap porns online, if that is what they'd like to track from the residents.)

I tried to connect my laptop immediately when I reached my room. Unluckily, it didn't work. I guess I have to wait for 24 hours to be connected. Not in a hurry, though. I can wait.

Internet connection in this place is so fast. While I was receiving only few Mbps in my university in central Philippines, here in my Brookings office is many times faster. What do you think of a 1 Gbps speed? Amazing huh. I am not an expert of this "PC speed" stuff, but having a long experience with a slow to nothing Globe connection in my apartment in Cebu, this one is just very fulfilling. I do not have to wait for ages to download a file or to view an image. It only takes a wink, or even half a wink.

Wifi is everywhere. That is one great thing I like in here. Go to the library (which is huge by the way) and you'll get a wireless connection. All you have to do is find your corner. Finding the corner won't take time as the library is, as I've said, huge. Less students too so competition is not an issue. Talking about the numbers of students who visit the library, I noticed that this present generation don't care so much on books. I mean the hard copies. They usually prefer the online versions - you know just access the PDF files and print them. Sure, that's the easiest way.

However, I still go for hard copies. I like browsing pages and reading old books. Ancient books dating from eons back are not available online. They are achieves in the library and I love touching and smelling them. The smell of a yellowed page is kinda creepy but if you get used to it, it's lovely. You don't get that feeling from a PDF file, do you?

Anyway, while inside the library, you can copy all the chapters you want (opps no plagiarism please). Or even make your thesis proposal right then and there. With all the available books in front of you and the fast wireless connection, what reason do you have not to submit a report on time?

Or you can even go to any coffee shop or to a student center and you'll get the same fast internet connection.

The good thing that this does for me is two-fold. First, I can do my work anywhere I want. Second, I can blog wherever I want. Guess where I did this post?! :-)



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