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0 comments | Friday, February 23, 2007

Oh yeah, why would a friend assume that I do not need a ride?

I need a car. It's almost four months now when I arrived here in the US and honestly, I want to have a car. Although my office is only a stone-throw away from home that I could even go there with just my shorts on in the midst of winter, still, I need a car.

I need a car so I could travel. I need a car so I could attend parties in far-away states. I need a car so I could go for a coffee at the city center whenever I want. I need a car so I won't bother American friends for a ride.

Going back to my question: why would a friend assume that I do not need a ride?

All my friends know that I do not own a car. Why would this particular friend assume that I do not need a ride to a party that we, at our department, were suppose to attend? I found out that he gave my other colleagues a lift. However, he didn't care a fig to even ask me so.

Is it because never did I ask my friend to give me a lift, in so many circumstances, even if I badly needed so?

It is not my attitude to bother people (oh well, sometimes I do, especially when it comes to talking). I cannot afford to see my friends' time and effort wasted because here is this guy named Eric who keeps asking for a lift.

What I want? I want my friends to offer me the ride. In that case, I will be assured that they do it because they want it. No pressure from any request. They offer a ride because they have the time. Because they care. Because I am their friend.

Ah, I need a car!



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