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0 comments | Friday, February 02, 2007

Asking a question in class is one thing. Interrupting a professor harshly is another. Oh please, if you are not asked to answer the question, keep your mouth shut! Others are keeping mum about this. But if you just know it, they are actually pissed off.

There is no wrong raising a question to your professor. In fact, I see it as a good sign that a student is attentively following the discussion. A question raised is not only beneficial to the one who asked it, but to the rest of the students as well. Most professors, if not all, encourage students to ask, even.

What I hate most is when you suddenly bellow in a corner to get the professor's attention. Is there a way you can do it softly? Or, if put appropriately, politely? Many at times, you answer boisterously questions despite the fact that it wasn't addressed to you. Com'on, don't show to everyone your pompous behavior when you get the answer right. One thing more, if one of your classmates inquires a thing that sounds easy to you, don't humiliate him/her in class by your uncalled-for side remarks and evil grins. Respect your classmate's opinion like how the rest of them respect your exaggerated, over-the-top knowledge demo.

I have been a professor myself for 8 years. I tell you, I do not tolerate such a "rude" approach of my students inside the classroom!

Remember, you are not the only one in class. You have to think what others think about you when you do that. Time will come when someone will really have the courage to square things with you. You will then know how it feels.

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