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0 comments | Sunday, February 11, 2007

It was fun! Someone told me a couple of days ago that I need to see it. It's the 4th Annual African-American Step and Drill Show. What is it? Initially I thought it was a tap dancing show, which I have a clear picture of since it is something Filipinos can certainly do.

However, this one is different. It is step and drill.

Step dance is the generic term for dance styles where the footwork is the most important part of the dance. Body and arm movements and styling are either restricted or considered irrelevant.

Stepping, has been popularized by National Pan-Hellenic Council and National Association of Latino Fraternal Organizations member organizations. This step dance has African roots and is an African American tradition as well as part of Black History. The members of the fraternities and sororities join in steps — elaborate synchronized group routines that are performed in competitions between the fraternities and sororities called "step shows."

Step shows incorporates cheerleading, military, and drill-team moves, especially the call-and-response element inherent in those forms. These aspects are not only important to the energy of stepping for entertainment use but also for bonding and pride within their organizations.

Awed was the right word to describe the feeling after watching the performances. The "step" teams were simply awesome. Participating teams came from different universities: Show Stoppers from Southwest Minnesota State, Omega Psi Phi from University of Minnesota, Delta Sigma Theta from University of Oklahoma, Phi Beta Sigma and Zeta Phi Beta both from University of Nebraska-Omaha, Cyclone Steps from Iowa State University, and the Black Student Alliance from South Dakota State University. There was also the "drill" team from Iowa State University, Marching Cyclones.

Watch the videos. You will love the step and drill show and wish you know it yourself. One more thing, you should watch the entire video since I combined the individual performances.

Among all performers, here is my favorite. The Delta Sigma Theta from University of Oklahoma. These ladies are real performers, man!



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