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0 comments | Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Franzine Cole Salas. That's my niece. And she is a wonder baby. I am saying that after I received the videos sent my brother who went home for the holidays. He took time to record these videos through his mobile phone.

Zee, as we call her, just turned two years old. At her age, she likes to sing and she plays the guitar a lot. She probably has seen her dad (my older bro) playing the guitar and thought it's a toy. Now, she's just fascinated with guitars and everything that concerns on music.

Ah, it really flows in the blood. From my mom, to my brother, to her. I mean, the singing talent has been passed to her. She is now my talented "wonder baby" niece.

Who could beat her with this rendition of Sheryn Regis' song "Hindi ko kayang iwan ka"? Notice her actions too. HAHAHA.

What about this? She'd surely steal the spotlight from whoever rocker there is right now.

She is a Kapamilya Addict too. Funny, but she likes the ABS-CBN's Christmas Station ID.

Convinced now that she's indeed a wonder? I wish this girl a bright future in her singing career :-)

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