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1 comments | Saturday, January 13, 2007

Thought of the day: Memories are meant to be kept.

The system administrator sent this message to everyone in the office today:
Please remove all the personal photos, music and videos from network shared folders ASAP. It is Illegal to store any of this on any campus computers. It would be helpful if you delete any unused or old data which is not needed.

Ignoring the obvious twisted grammar, boy, this is a serious issue. I have a number of photos and videos in my PC because, as you might already know, I often take photos for my blogs. Wherever I go I have my digital camera with me and whatever fancy that catches my attention, ping! and the shot is taken. Imagine a day with 5 to 10 new photos. That's a lot if you think of 4 months. And everything is saved in my PC.

But I don't keep most of them. Those that do not pass for a blog posting immediately go to the bin. Yes, I delete them so as not to flood my own hard drive. I do think of consequences too, like a possible crash or something, which I do not wish to happen.

I really find this announcement a bit outlandish. One, why aren't we allowed to save a photo in our own PC? Just because it is university-owned? What's the purpose of us, being the administrators of our respective stations, as oriented during our arrival here? Don't they think that our families back home do send us pictures online and that we do need PC space to store them somewhere, so we could look at them again when solitude bothers our comfort in this faraway land?

What happens to the PCs of our instructors that have been jammed with personal photos and things not office-related? I know them. Are they part of this rule, henceforth, cleaning the drive must be enforced to them too? Or is this rule not absolute that somehow there is a way for me to invoke a right?

This, truly, is weird. Maybe it is allowed to save something personal. Maybe a picture or two is fine. Maybe a video or two will suffice. Yet, still, I cannot help but wonder what's the purpose of my 600GB storage? If you are thinking that I will consume all that for photos and videos, think again. Boy, that is one hell of a space I have here. Though the fact that satellite images and GIS data are enormously big, I don't think I could deplete it in my years of stay here.

Anyway, I started deleting my photos from the hard drive and transferred them to CDs. I cannot afford that the administrator will delete them with pleasure, if I delay the transferring for a day. The photos are memoirs in print. I do not want anyone to erase those memories. Never! Come hell or high water!

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Blogger mhuyheN said...

ows? really? u got a 600gb HD?kewL! oh wel u can use ur powers 2 hide dos fotos...hehehe... see u @ nasa! btw, congrats... dats 1 of my dreams..bt mura'g maunhan ko nimo duh! SIR eric ariel...

January 23, 2007 7:12 AM


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