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0 comments | Monday, January 08, 2007

Thought of the day: Brookings is a lonely town. Believe me!

It is 10:40PM. As of this writing, a snow storm is devastating the good view outside. Finally, the forecast was right. This morning it was announced on radio that there would be chances of snow in the evening. That the temperature will drop to very low. That the wind would blow quite strong. Well, most of those are happening right at this moment.

I managed to take pictures. Few were taken outside while the rest were from my office window. I didn't intend to cover my camera with snow and eventually damage it, so I decided to just quickly take couple of shots.



Just everywhere

I like this photo from a window. The snow looks like cottons sticking on window screens.

I am glad I don't own a bike!

I am anticipating for a "white" tomorrow.

Wind + snow = Terribly cool

Snow falling from every direction.

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