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0 comments | Saturday, December 09, 2006

Thought of the day: Your friends are always your best treasures.

I have the best buddies in the world! Believe me. I find consolation, feeling of boost and cheer when I am with them. Why is that so? I'd give you options. Which of the three you think I'd go for:

a) they are not the "bad influence" kind of people you find out there
b) they share the same likes as mine, well, somehow
c) they teach you how to ice skate

I'd pick all of the above, though I would give the biggest weight for letter c. HAHAHA. These guys are just worry-free.

Last night was all fun. There was free skating for all at the Larson Ice Skating Center organized by, I think, student organizations. It was crowded but that is where the fun is. I wasn't the only who doesn't know how to skate. Thank God! I wouldn't like to be the center of attraction or the laughing stock, for that matter.

There were few Americans who didn't even know how to balance in the ice and shared the sidebars with me. While almost everyone was gliding and sliding and turning and spinning, I was at the sides, praying not to fall, taking few steps at a time, sliding and thinking how to continue inching forward, at times considering to free myself from the hold, studying other first-timer's techniques and simply adoring my friends who seemed to be so comfortable on the slippery ice.

Mark and Adam were the good ones among us. Watching them skating confidently increased my determination to learn the tricks. It wasn't effortless. No, it was not like writing a column for the Collegian. I even fell on my back at one attempt to follow Mark. But, as Mark said, it is part of the education process. True enough, it pushes me to go further.

Now, time for the photos.

The fun didn't end when the rink closed at 10PM. We decided to spend a few hours at Mark's place. We had a pasta and pizza to feed our hungry mouths after that two-hour skating adventure. Inside the house I thought of how I could improve myself on the ice faster next time. That was how affected I was. HAHAHA. Could it be a normal feeling of a first-timer? Probably.

I took a picture of Vincent sleeping while watching a video of Mark's wave surfing actions in Hawaii. Mark is one active and talented guy. You should see how he braved the big waves of Maui. Awesome!

Some photos are just funny!

This post is already long. However, I cannot end this without sharing to you a video I made myself. Hope you like my, yes, again, "first-time" editing.

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