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0 comments | Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Thought of the day: Do not believe in the meteorologist.

How many times have I heard in daily radio weather forecast, by a certain meteorologist named Paul, that a snow storm is coming or a snow fall is happening in the evening or a freezing rain is gonna hit Brookings? How many times have I anticipated a heavy snow fall yet, most of the times, failed because of a very inaccurate forecast.

I know it is a forecast and an estimate of the day's weather. But such an estimate seems to be fooling lots of people. If people can't expect a heavy snow fall, when these forecasters say there will be one coming, at least, they will expect a slight snow to occur -- if we talk about variance in prediction.

However, when weather forecasters say "we would expect a snow as we head towards mid-day", it actually means, "we would expect sunshine and snow will be tomorrow".

Do not trust these meteorologists!

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