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0 comments | Friday, December 15, 2006

Thought of the day: Do not count the number of years you have lived, count the number of friends you have gained.

Few hours ago, it was just wonderful. T'was the birthday of Chouchou, Matt Hansen's wife. Matt, by the way, is the Senior Scientist and Co-Director of the GIS Center of Excellence.

It was awesome to meet a lot of people in just one event. It was my first time to eat with such enormous amount of food, which was, needless to say, perfectly varied.

One interesting part was the dancing. I never thought people would like my way of dancing to the groove of the Latin music. I learned the styles when I was in the Netherlands few years ago. Although, I have forgotten most of the exotic steps, I do think I could easily dance my way through someone's attention.

I am no talented person. I may have something to show, but I don't count it as a talent. For many, it might be. I mention this, because friends and friends of friends (yes, few hours ago) would tell me I am talented. When I write, I write not because I want to impress others. I write because I love to and I want to show to myself that I can. There are moments that I do not even consider it as good writing, and that in those times, I find my self demeaning my own capabilities. In truth, I am no good in the craft. Each time I read famous authors or magazine and paper writers, I could only wish I could be better. If people love the topics I write or the style I follow, it is just an added bonus -- which of course I appreciate so much.

To those people who said that I am talented just because I write and dance and paint and sing (they still have to hear me sing though) and some other things that may find their point of revelation in time, THANK YOU!

I would like to share photos with you all. (Photos are best viewed when clicked.)

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