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0 comments | Saturday, December 23, 2006

Thought of the day: Doing the laundry can be oh-so fun.

What would you do in a boring Saturday morning? You do not want to go out because it is freezing cold. You do not want to work because you think you have overworked yourself for the last days and you just need to be away from your PC for a while.

I woke up thinking about friends who have left for home this Christmas season. Mark is surely enjoying his stay in Germany, Marcela in Czech Republic and Adam in St. Louis. I am missing people whom I never fail to see and have conversation with everyday.

Since blogging seems to be part of my daily routine, I thought of coming up with a photo blog, just for this BORING morning - to get rid of this world-weariness that has been hovering over me lately.

Looking at my laundry slowly heaping, I was sure I had to wash them all -- today. So, welcome to the tale of a guy trying to kill boredom through photo blogging his morning tasks. The story goes like this:

I gathered my dirty clothes. I had to make sure I won't leave anything unwashed. Down the basement, I went, from the second floor. There was a long hallway before arriving to the washing room. I heard nothing aside from a machine somewhere inside one of the rooms in the basement that could be controlling the power of the building.

I checked each of the washing machine just to make sure I won't be picking something that would stop in the middle of the spinning process, get my clothes stuck in it and I would be left without any underwear for the weekend. After few minutes, I opted for two machines -- one for my whites, the other for the colored. With $0.75 per machine, it wasn't bad at all. Pressed a couple of buttons and there they went spinning and were timed to be finished in 26 minutes.

26 minutes at the basement is awfully long if you don't tinker on anything. Glad that I brought with me a book I bought at the Student Union for only 2 dollars. And so I read.

I read about 5 pages only and decided to check out some areas at the basement which I haven't done in the past months for two reasons: 1) students crowd the area 2) students just crowd the area. I found out that there is a study area in one end of the hallway. It's spacious and couches may look old but they still work fine -- for sitting and sleeping. Great! There's a place for table tennis too!

Further, I went. I headed to the lobby. You know, I seldom pass through the building's entrance door. Since my department office is just a stone's throw away from the back door, I normally take that door for entrances and exits. Thus, I wasn't really able to see what the lobby has to offer. Excited. So, I ventured.

Benches are provided along the short hallway that leads to the stairs. At the main entertainment area, I was impressed at the amenities existing for student's free use. It has a big-screen TV, a pool table and a soccer game table (I only see this in Time Zones at home).

Aside from that, it has few more pleasantries, surely, students would enjoy. A photo-copying machine, a microwave oven (warm anything you like), a wireless connection (oh, I need my laptop) and a comfy couches to sleep on.

At the lobby are the mailboxes. Look where my letter goes in...

Pause. Take a sip of water.

I also checked the advisory boards. Everything was about the holidays, the break, the fun. Oh, yeah, the FUN! Can i just shake this vending machine?!

Time ran so fast. I went back to the washing room, took the wet clothes out and put them in the dryer. Another $0.50 for drying them! And 40 minutes of waiting!

I could do lots of things in 40 minutes, so I thought. I went upstairs to my room. Well, I had to pee first...hahaha.

I looked at the wall clock.

Pondered on few things while staring at something afar.

Then, decided to cook something for lunch. Yes, I can cook. I know how to cook. I wanted a rice and chicken for a meal. Rice, check! Ran to the freezer: chicken breast, check!

Cooking time. Here in Brookings, cooking is as easy as ABC. Everything is only a push of a button. Or am I just so lazy to cook it in a regular way?! I took the chicken breast strips (already cooked, by the way) and placed them in the microwave oven. Set the timer to 3 minutes and wait for the beep. Done. The rice required a lot of patience, though. I had to adjust the heater every now and then to make sure I'd get the perfectly cooked rice, just like at home. Unfortunately, I think I forgot few learnings from Mom, I burned it, well, a bit.

I ate. Yes, this is the only photo of me eating. You don't want to see how hungry I was, do you?

An hour passed. I almost forgot I still have a laundry to check. Went quickly downstairs and, yehey, drying was done. Took all the clothes out and smelled them one by one (I don't know why I did that). Even when I was still in the Philippines, I always smell freshly dry clothes. The thought probably that it is clean is what makes me do it. I folded them, neatly and properly.

And off I went up smiling...

That's how my morning ended. Boring still? Yes, at some point. I thought of a fairy that would appear in front of me that time and would give me a wish.

Then I would have wished the holidays to be over and all of my friends to come back!

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