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0 comments | Monday, December 25, 2006

Thought of the day: Do good this Christmas.

Here is my post-Christmas posting. Is doing good enough?

"You always say I can reach heaven by simply doing what the Supreme Best asks, not to do evil. But can I assure myself of even a single place there up above?"

Yes, you, like everyone, can.

We say, that it is indeed easy to be among the millions who are now rejoicing and enjoying another life in the vast kingdom of God. That all we have to do is to assist in establishing His empire here on earth, to believe and to know that a savior came for us and to become His disciple to qualify for it.

We all crave and desire to be where He is now. Just as the song I have learned in a religious community which goes I just want to be where you are in your dwelling place foreverdont want to worship from afar, draw me near to where you are How satisfying is it to know that a place has already been set for us. A place surrounded by all His blessings and infinite goodness. But can the grace be granted to those who are unprepared and undeserving individuals?

There is a moral foundation of the universe that in every effect there is always a cause. Or vice-versa. In physics, it is said that in every action there is always a counterpart reaction. It equally applies to anyone and to every human being. In every religion I presumed youll hear that as ye sow, shall ye reap. You get what you deserve.

To do good and not evil is a thing God wants us to do. But the same question goes along with it. Is it enough of just doing such?

Many people in our society today are doing charity works. Others devote their time for the service of other fellowmen. Some extend their help to the less fortunate by giving them houses through government programs. Almost all obey traffic rules and regulations and avoid having argument on men with authorities.

They play fairly and enjoy the essence of sportsmanship. And even to the smallest thing, they want not to deviate from an upright and blameless way. What will then be the returns for these be worthy of honor individuals? Read: he who plants melons will reap melons, he who does good begets good.

God is happy for these people. But the more He is happy for those who knows how to acknowledge His presence. True, there are those who do generous deeds but very poor in spirit. I do not say the Most High hates them. NO. Others do good works for the sake of garnering respect, in political aspect for example. They maybe unaware that doing good must always come from the heart.

God wishes to let Himself shine in the midst of ourselves. So by the time we do noble works, it should not be ourselves that we must have to project but He and He alone.

Now, will God open His arms for them in acceptance? Sure He will. No doubt. His mercy is incomparable and beyond measure.

An article once published a very amazing story of a lady who was sick of sclerosis (a hardening of a body part or tissue), was wearing a full body brace and had to be physically carried to places. Doctors had given up hope on her and that she almost died a couple of times already. But alas, she survived it, outlived the doctors death sentence and bears no trace of having the disease even. How did she do it? Did she spend all her days healing her body? Not at all.

The lady is a deeply spiritual person. For years she has prayed religiously, despite her own helpless state, not just for her own but for others as well who need most of her prayers. Her concern is not focused on her own health alone. Her heart and mind went out for others. Today, she has recovered and enjoyed sharing meaningful services to everybody else. With the miraculous event that happened in her life, she did not forget to thank the one responsible for it. She believes that by doing good and at the same time experiencing Gods power, it will create in her a happiness that no one could ever, ever give and achieve.

She was healed and got well, because she qualified for it. Not only that she became a true disciple of God but also as a true servant to all.

We sometimes continue to do evil not considering the consequences behind our actions. We bury ourselves in the darkness of sin. Killings and massacres rule the headlines of every newspaper. Rape, child molestation, prostitution all are rating high. We are also aware of abortions and sex slaves. Many are unmindful of the destruction they have brought to the God-given nature. Drug and other related substance abuse have been the favorite pastime of most of the youngsters today. Bank robberies, kidnappings name other evil-doings and surely they exist.

Are these occurrences give us hints that some people are really unconcerned of their life (not the life on this earth but the life after death)? They have gone astray. What will be their returns? What then will be their expectations, their rewards?

The law is so simple and just. None can easily inherit the kingdom. The good thing is, the deserving had already been reserved.

We claim that if the sun shines both the sinner and the saints, how come that most of the time the good suffers while the immoral and the corrupt turns out well and prosper. Well, this is just an illusion. And mistakably and continuously, life keeps books and records on all of us. If we have our own tally sheets so does life. In there can be found all our liabilities and holdings. In there can be revealed all our strengths and weaknesses, our triumphs and defeats, failures and accomplishments. After all, we are the sum total of all our actions.

When we serve humanity for quite a long time and be of service to Him, then maybe we are worthy and entitled of the High Intelligence's assistance and rewards, which come in various forms and many folds including a place set in heaven.

Finally, to reserve a space up above, let us aim for good and not evil. Let us ask ourselves what we can do to serve the Supreme Best and His flock. Is it enough not to do evil? Yes, we just couple it with faith and trust, praise and thanksgiving to the one and only source of all good things to come. Only then we can draw our rewards when we have saved enough.


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