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0 comments | Sunday, December 17, 2006

Thought of the day: Do not beg for friendship!

If I have friends, I always make it certain to care of them the best way I can. That is how I see myself as a friend. I think friendship is really about caring and trusting and assuring that whatever the circumstances may be, you'd be there for each other. It must be a mutual relationship in order to work.

Friendship takes time to develop, unlike a mere acquaintance. You can never say someone is already your friend after meeting him or her once in a party. It takes more meetings and chats to culture a feeling of trust and care.

I normally initiate a talk to collect my so-called "friendsters". That initiation will determine the outcome of a probable follow-up chat. If I sense that we don't match in character, although it is shallow a reason to conclude that very moment, I usually don't mind just giving a smile, shaking hands and saying goodbye.

Most of the time, that system works. Some other time, though, it doesn't. You only discover after few days or weeks or months that the other party, in truth, is only putting a facade to fool you of his or her friendship. That in reality, he or she doesn't like you to be around with him or her.

That hurts. Extremely hurts!

The signs will tell me -- when I begin to detect unusual, if not, totally unacceptable behavior -- if I have to let go of the friendship or not. Signs like, he or she tries to avoid you, or talk to you, or ditch your company. Or even tells lies to you or does things to lose your trust.

I hate that to happen. But it happened still.

There was this person (or should I say a friend) who invited me for dinner. I said yes. Yet, at the last hour, canceled the invitation as he said, he's gonna travel to a neighboring State the following day and he doesn't want to tire himself the night before. As a friend, I said, we could postpone it to next year, besides I was only the invitee and he was the host. As a friend, I understood his point.

...only to find out that he actually invited another person for a hang-out that night. I felt bad. He is a friend and it was not suppose to happen. He could have just told me that he had to meet another (someone I know too), and that wouldn't have been a problem for me at all! My God, why would he lie such a crap on me? I was not after for his dinner treat, by the way, I was for friendship. Isn't telling the truth so hard for him? He did something like that to me before, but I only slipped it through my system. This time, I'm taking it seriously.

He should have been thankful that I am so friendly and accommodating a guy. Had I not been one, I could have said NO to all his dinner invitations and sent him begging for my friendship for life. HAHAHA.

As as said, friendship is about trust. He simply made me let go of that.

Anyhow, I would stop with that note. He is such an irrational nonsensical numbskull. Get that?!

Here are photos from my second skating adventure and the dinner that followed afterwards.

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