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1 comments | Thursday, November 30, 2006

Thought of the day: Get angry!

I just hate to admit that there are people who are so insensitive of other people's feelings. It is even harder to admit that your "acquaintance", who you think is gonna exercise much extra care not to commit this hurting behavior, is the one doing it towards you.

You say good things to the person just to make him feel better. You try to tell the him how good he is in what he does even if he actually sucks. You give him a "very good" rating even if he hardly pass a "satisfactory" level. Reason: to make him boost his confidence.

But he'd sting you like a killer bee. You'd get caught off-guard with his boorish criticisms in front of your friends.
I am no hypocrite. I tell my friends what's wrong with them or if what they do causes trouble to me or to others. But I always do it in a softer kind of way and not to embarrass you in front of others. Ugh!

There are people who are just so insensitive! What culture do you have boy?

I suggest, before these people do the criticizing, they have to look at themselves in the mirror and criticize their reflection first...Hahaha.

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Blogger honey said...

hehehe..bisan serious ang topic pero nakatawa ko kay na picture out nku nga mura after pagkuha nimo aning nga pic,nagkatawa sad ka..am I ryt sir?

January 23, 2008 6:43 AM


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