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0 comments | Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Thought of the day: Keep thinking!

I have been here in Brookings, South Dakota for more than 2 months. It isn't easy to be here in an environment I feel so weird at times. Not really comparable to the environment I used to stay when I was in Europe for two years. Here, at times, it disappoints .

However, before I'd go on spilling one negative word to another, I would like to acknowledge people who are instruments in making me feel a little at home.

Drum rollling....

Mark - One great German buddy who never fails to discharge few of his philosophical thoughts, which I think are awesome cool.

Vincent - He's the mighty lion who roars like he is the king. Hahaha. He has an admirable attitude and a great sense of humor. Mark and I, could not help but laugh at his jokes.

My Mentor - One of the good guys, or maybe the best, at the GIS Center. He makes me think I needed to do more to better my profession and he does it professionally. For instance, he told me once that one easy way to be acknowledged in my own field is to publish scientific articles and do more researches. He helps me in many ways than one and pushes me to do things independently.

Adam - This guy is never the guy you think he is. I never thought he is righteous and devoted to his faith. The one time I had a conversation with him over coffee, I felt so relaxed for the fact that I am a devoted Catholic myself. He was the only one I am able to share religious experiences with. God bless you brother.

Marcela - The only lady I get to talk every single day. She has one confiding personality that it is so easy for her to win your heart. One hint: you have to do a peek and boo each morning. LOL.

Eugene and Bernard - These are the guys I share office room with. They both are intelligent and hardworking guys who work till wee hours in the morning. I am with two good-humored individuals :-)

The rest are still acquaintances. Sure, time permits, I will get to know one by one better. That is not hard I guess. It takes a little more than the usual "hi" or "how are you" to keep the ball rolling.

I don't think they'd be able to read this here, but if they do, well, welcome to my blog :-)

Update: I forgot to mention one important person in our department, Jo Ann. She is just so approachable and so friendly that all you could do is smile and thank God for having her as our department secretary.

Okay, more update soon.



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