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0 comments | Friday, June 23, 2006

If it is your first time to visit my home blog, please don't put your link if you don't support my idea. Putting your link to "million linky" must come from your heart.

I am happy that visitors place their links. I am happy to tell you, my visitors, that Million Linky has now an aim. Since my doctoral degree is related to public service, and I am personally afflicted by news about child abuse and neglect (you never miss to hear it everyday), I am offering this Million Linky to the children in the Philippines who have been victims of physical abuse, neglect, with majority of them reported to be sexually abused and sexually exploited. Whatever statistics you see or read, that is just the tip of the iceberg (link). In this third-world country with 40% of the population below 20 years old, the cases of child abuse is whooping!

Let me quote this:

The statistics [of child abuse] are growing each day. These clearly depict the immense hardship which Filipino children are subjected to. Unfortunately, the family that is supposedly the primary source of the children's sense of trust and security is itself beleaguered. In most instances, it can no longer adequately provide even the children's most basic needs like food, education, housing, and an atmosphere of love, affection and nurturance. Its capacity to protect the children and enhance their development and participation rights is likewise affected.

Help me tell the leaders of this country how important these children are! With the Million Linky, we say our support to giving the "hopes of the motherland" proper education, housing and atmosphere of love, affection and nurturance!

Join Million Linky via my homeblog. It is always found in the most recent post.


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