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1 comments | Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Nepal is a kingdom of various geographical features, and is culturally rich. I can say that after I saw a video presentation during the Nepal Nite 2007 at the SDSU Student Union. It was the first Nepal Nite event that was organized by the Nepalese Student Association at South Dakota State University.

The number of Nepalese students in the university has tremendously increased over the past decade. As of now, there are close to 40 students already (compared to two Filipinos only, hahaha).

The event was well-attended by young and old alike, from different nationalities. It was more of an international gathering, I should say. Food was awesome - a bit spicy and Indian-like. Though I couldn't taste a little of Filipino on it, still I had a plateful of food I truly enjoyed.

The cultural presentations were fun too. I get to see the different dances Nepalese do for different occasions or festivals. I wonder where they got all those colorful and shiny dresses, though. There was also a short act portraying the things they do when they commemorate "holy days".

After that evening, I was inspired to come-up with a Filipino presentation too. Maybe not in the near future. I should wait until more Filipinos would decide to study here. By that time, I would have more things to share to my American friends here and foreign friends as well.

Here are pictures I took with friends.



Blogger Sajan said...

hello nepali friends, i would like to get email address of nepalese students association at SDSU's email address. could you guys please send me the email on
Thank you

March 21, 2007 10:30 PM


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