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0 comments | Saturday, January 06, 2007

Thought of the day: There is always a room for "room" thoughts.

I never liked my room. But since it is the only one I've got, I just have to accept it with open arms. Otherwise, I will die in cold.

I said that I don't like it since it is too small for me. It isn't comparable in size and design to what I used to occupy when I was in Europe. This one, nah, you just have to close your eyes once you enter the door so you won't be disappointed. HAHAHA.

True. The heater amazingly works even if you turn it off. Weird dial. The TV wall port is too far from the fixed desk and just below the sink -- where would you suppose to place your TV, hello!?, under the sink? There are also a lot of drawers. If you are like Imelda Marcos, you'll never get into problems finding a space for your shoes. What is really annoying is the noise the chairs create against the floor when you pull or move them. At first, I thought some aliens have landed in the room above mine when I heard those sharp, irritating scraping sounds. The occupant in that room might have played with his chair and realized that the sounds were music to his ears and whoever has gotten annoyed will just have to die in annoyance.

Poor me.

Anyway, here are pictures I took inside my room. I didn't care to beautify it. Not now. I posted few of my published articles from the Collegian newspaper on the wall. Few cards too.

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