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0 comments | Saturday, December 02, 2006

Thought of the day: Get a life and be happy!

Ok. I wasn't expecting it to be that fun.

It was my first time to be at Cubbys, a bar in downtown Brookings. For a newcomer, I never thought such a bar existed. Initially, my impression was, Brookings bars can never be better than what's Cebu (my city back home) bars can offer. I still have to see live bands playing in a bar here. Few say, they do have that on some occasions.

I was proven wrong. The bar has big TV screens. I mean really BIG screens on the walls. Take note I said walls, because big TV screens are all over the place. Just pick a TV to watch. Of course, they were showing football, well, what would I expect, it's America.
I had fun with colleagues, or should I say, friends. Photos below show how happy I was. It was actually a double birthday celebration. Adam Baer, a geospatial analyst, had the same birthday as mine.

Thanks to my friend Mark. He did the planning for that. Oh, he bought the birthday card too. Nice choice!

See what I got!

Nice one, huh!

Friendship beyond boundaries.

Yo! Good conversations over bottles of beer.

Love them all!

Torn between two ladies..hehe.

Friends all over!

Adam and Jake

Eugene and all the TVs behind him

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