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Lakaw is a journey is a step is a move. I love to travel around the world and this is my travel and travel gadget site. Welcome and Enjoy!

39 comments | Monday, April 03, 2006

1. Who is talksmart?
Talksmart is a code name for a composed gentleman living in the comfort of an island in the far east [taga Cebu, Bisdak] for more than 20 years. Just recently, I relocated myself here in the USA. The codename started in 2001 in the Netherlands when someone commented I could carry smart talks (LOL). Thus, the birth.

1a. Who is talksmart in real life? My mother named me Eric!

1b. What keeps you busy aside from blogging? I am a civil engineer with a Masters degree in Geo-Information from the Netherlands. Did law school. Almost done with my Doctoral degree in Public Administration and currently doing a PhD in GeoSpatial Science in South Dakota (working on a 5-year NASA project, yes, mabuhay ang mga Filipino Researchers! Itaas ang bandila saan ka man sa mundo!). Before you'd think that I might be an old, fat, grey-haired, academic-fanatic guy, I would tell you that I am not. I am a successful, young, and gifted guy!

1c. What other interests you have? Reading all sorts of books, learning the legalities (law school was awesome), writing (i tried to compile my articles and named it FLICKER), discovering new things through foreign country adventures (looking forward to more exciting travels), singing x 10 to the 1000th power (too much involved, ahem), making others laugh, knowing the varied cultures of the world, getting to learn a foreign language other than English, scripting the story of my own life (bwahaha), painting, lawn tennis (trying hard) and table tennis playing (quite easy), watching boring variety shows on TV (quite often), jogging on early mornings (I promise to do it often this time), poetry, playing board games, browsing the net, and all others I find extra challenging.

2. What is talksmart doing in the blogosphere?
Honestly, I can only think of superficial reasons. One: my love for web surfing. Two: my unlimited internet connection.

3. What, in the heavens, is a blog by the way?
It is a short name for Web Log, a journal online. It can be a hate page fan site, tech aficionado rants, rave of your day to day life. In short, it limits to nothing. Whatever I write here, understand it is a blog. If you don't like what I write, then write your own.

4. Do you get something rewarding from blogging?
Oh yeah! Repulsive comments from 'unsatisfied' readers. There are only a few of them though, but I take every comment as a successful endeavor to attract visitors to my site. Just like what you are doing now! Thank you!

5. How long have you been blogging?
Not so long yet. Just barely over two months (if you read this FAQ after April 5, 2006, please do the calculation yourself. I started blogging late January 2006).

6. So how do you find it?
So far so fulfilling, especially when I get comments from regular readers who'd read my posting from start to end. If you ever get to finish reading this FAQ, you know how fulfilling it'll be for me.

7. Where do you get the time to blog almost every day?
Ask yourself about where you get the time to read this ridiculous FAQ. Just think that while you are busy going through every question and answer here, I am also writing my next post. Oh yes, I have a life outside blogging.

8. Do you have close friends who blog too?
Yes. Only a handful. But I won't promote their sites here. This is purely my own. Next question please….

9. Where do you get your ideas for posts?
I would like to believe that my ideas are uniquely mine (if I don't quote other posts). If ever my thoughts overlay someone else's or yours, just let it be. Consider it a flattering moment, when your idea happens to coincide with mine.

10. Can I link to your blog?
Sure babe. Feel free. Tell me when you do it coz I might be in a good mood to add yours in my blogroll.

11. How many unique hits do you get a day?
A lot...hmmm. Your visit is now counted.

12. Would you consider becoming a professional blogger?
Don't have any idea. Probably, after a year of blogging, I'd tell you.

13. Don’t you blog about sex or anything porno?
Not the extreme ones. Maybe, in few cases, just for educational purposes. If you are into a much deeper penetration, boy, you are in the wrong side of the blogosphere. Click HERE to be redirected.

14. Do you love "sex"?
What is this? Next please….

15. Are you handsome?
I don't want to brag. If you insist, HERE is a little revelation.

16. Attached or Unattached?
As of this writing, April 4, 2006, I have no special someone to caress with. Tell me if you are available, who knows, we might blend well.

17. Red, Black, White or Blue?
Any color for as long as it's BLUE! LOL

18. Which parts of your body do you like most?
Eyes, for reading other blogs. Fingers, for typing posts for my blogs. Head, for coming up with ideas including this FAQ. Heart, for loving you, my reader, even if sometimes you are rude.

19. Who are your friends in the blogosphere?
Countless and hard to name them all. I met them in forums and other blog engines.

20. So do you like blogging?
You are not sincerely reading this, do you? Refer to number 6, you sleepy head!

21. When will you stop blogging?
When the time comes that when I'd google the word "BLOG", no result will come out.

22. Why use "Composed Gentleman"?
No real explanation why.

23. What would you recommend that I'd do after this last question?
Like me? Click here.
Don't like me? Click here.
It's your choice.
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